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How To Protect Against WannaCry Ransomware

Scary times for Windows users: The global WannaCry raonsomware has infected over 10,000 companies and 200,000 individual users in the last 48 hours. While the attacks have been thwarted by 2 successful kill switches, you can bet more variants will emerge. To avoid being the next victim, here is how to protect your Microsoft systems. Keep your systems up to […]

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Facebook Reactions: Engagement or Intrusion?

Facebook recently added buttons to denote a wider range of options other than the current “Like”. Dubbed “Facebook Reactions”, the intent is to let you react to posts using buttons that denote “Love”, “Wow”, “Haha”, “Sad” or “Angry” in addition to “Like”. I suppose one could look at the new buttons as a convenience… just click the “haha” button instead […]

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How To Protect Your Online Identity

The internet is an integral part of daily life. We rely on it to work, study, stay connected with family and friends, shop, invest, pay bills and for entertainment. All this online interaction results in an enormous amount of personal information about us stored online. Of course, sensitive information like credit cards numbers, banking information and social security numbers are […]

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Computer Virus Problems? Switch to Google Chrome

Beginning in January, Google will block the installation of add-ons (i.e extensions) to the Chrome browser unless the extension is installed from the Chrome Web Store. This is good news since one of the more vulnerable ways for malicious browser extensions, malware and computer viruses to attack a system is to silently piggyback onto another extension during the installation process. […]

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How to Avoid a Gift Card Scam

Gift cards are popular and convenient, especially this time of year. Many retailers put the blank cards in prominent display stands throughout their stores to promote them. Don’t purchase a gift card from these easily accessible displays. Why? Because a thief with a cheap scanner can read the barcode on the back of the card. Even if the card is […]

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