Facebook recently added buttons to denote a wider range of options other than the current “Like”. Dubbed “Facebook Reactions”, the intent is to let you react to posts using buttons that denote “Love”, “Wow”, “Haha”, “Sad” or “Angry” in addition to “Like”.
I suppose one could look at the new buttons as a convenience… just click the “haha” button instead of typing “LOL”. Of course, Facebook touts the new buttons as more meaningful engagement. Really? Our relationships are reduced to what can be expressed in a mouse click? No typing or original expression of words necessary? If that weren’t bad enough, I don’t think the intention is even engagement, follow the money on this one. It’s about gaining more information about you and me in order to target ads. Typing the “sad” button alot these days, are you? Expect to see ads for anti-depressants.
Stuck on the “Angry” button? Bet you’ll be seeing ads from cognitive behavioral psychologists, or anger-management training consultants. Far-fetched you say? Well, maybe a bit, but trust me. It’s all about gaining deeper insights into who you are, what you do and how you behave in order to sell more targeted advertising.