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How to Extend the Life of Laptop Batteries

The life of a laptop battery can be maximized by charging the battery only when the battery is very low (i.e., less than 10%). Here is a suggestion for how to preserve the life of laptop batteries. When using the laptop as a stationary device (for example, in a business or home office) remove the lithium battery and use the […]

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5 Ways to Avoid a Hard Drive Failure

Perhaps the most dreaded failure is a hard drive crash. While drive failures can’t be prevented, they can be reduced in number. Be gentle when moving your system around. Bumping and knocking a computer will eventually wreck havoc with the data access mechanisms. Power the drive down before moving the laptop to prevent the read heads from “crashing” into the […]

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How To Revive a Wet Cell Phone

If you dropped your cell phone into a puddle or a pool or any other body of water, if you act quickly, there is a good chance that the wet cell phone can be saved. Here’s how. Don’t turn the phone on. Instead, immediately remove the battery and the sim card, if possible. If you have a hair dryer that […]

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