Google rolled out the “mobile-friendly update” on April 21, 2015 and if your web pages have declined in page rank since then, read this no-nonsense explanation of how to fix page rank.

First of all, Google has a mobile-friendly analyzer that can be run for any page. Simply enter the url of the web page and Google will let you know if the page is mobile-friendly. Alternatively, if you have a Google Webmaster Tools Account you can check the status of *all* the pages in the site by clicking “Mobile Usability” under the “Search Traffic” menu item.

Be aware that a responsive web page is only one element of what Google considers as a “mobile-friendly” web page. To qualify as “mobile-friendly”, the page also has to load quickly and have good usability and clear navigation. In other words, all of the traits that comprise a high quality, well-ranking website. So if your web designer has loaded up your pages with lots of heavy (and distracting) graphics that dance across the page to show off all the things they *can* do, be aware that “stuff” is bogging down page rank.
And then call JKS Web Design and we will fix your pages so that the pages support your business, not show off the skills of graphics artist!