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We are fluent in the technologies that define the twenty-first century. JKS Web Design combines technical expertise with business and marketing acumen to produce dramatic results that conveys your message and captures your market.

Web Design

With over half of US consumers searching the internet from a handheld device, business websites need to work seamlessly on smart phones, tablets and desktops. We build affordable sites for all of today’s popular hand-held and desktop devices. Call us for a free, no obligation estimate.

Lead Generation

The internet has enabled a wealth of digital marketing tools, including social media, search optimization and content marketing. But not all digital marketing tools are effective in all markets. We create successful lead generation programs using the digital tools and traditional marketing techniques tailored to your target market.

E-Mail Marketin

Email marketing continues to be an affordable and effective marketing tool for building customer loyalty and driving repeat revenues. Let us show you how to create email campaigns that your subscribers look forward to receiving and build loyalty and higher revenues.

Printed Media

Printed media such as business cards, brochures, cards, menus, direct mail, etc. continue to play an important role in marketing and customer service. We will design and print all the materials you need to support your business.